Argentine Wine Adventures: Touring the land of Malbec

Domaine St. Diego Vineyards
World Malbec Day is April 17, 2014.  As the day celebrating this exceptional varietal approaches, I reminisce about my adventures in Argentina, a trip made possible by Uncorking Argentina. This journey enabled me to expand my knowledge as well as to identify Argentine wine.

Argentine Wine

Although I imbibed Torrentes, Cabernet, and Bonarda, it is Malbec that brings back my memories of visiting both small and large wineries, enjoying the meals and sights throughout the countryside.  Malbec is synonymous with Argentina and Mendoza.

Domaine St. Diego

Beginning with the small family run winery, Domaine St. Diego in Maipú where we walked the picturesque terraced vineyards viewing some very old vines. I learned that to revitalize the older vines; shoots are pulled down into the ground to start a new vine. Like osmosis, the new vine rejuvenates the old thus letting the older vine flourish.  These vines remain connected for many years before being separating.  The older vines are known as the mother vine.

The Domaine St. Diego vineyards are planted amongst olive trees and the vines shaded by these trees are used for their sparkling Rosé.  Lack of sunshine makes the grapes grow slowly.  The grapes are picked at 20 brixs.  The Rosé called Elea is refreshing with a creamy texture.

Domaine St. Diego makes a wonderful rich Malbec known as Paradigma.  The 2010 is composed of a blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc.  This wine is lusciously jammy and fruit forward with flavors of plums and violets.  With its deep purple color, it is a true expression of the land.


My winery tour of Mendoza and Argentine wine continued with Renacer.  Renacer means to be reborn, which for this winery symbolizes the rebirth of the vines each year. Renacer has a nice portfolio of wines from their Punto Final lower end label to those of Renacer to my ultimate favorite the Enamore, a wine that is a joint venture between the Italian producer Allegrini and Renacer.

The Views from Bodega Renacer
The Views from Bodega Renacer

Enamore means to fall in love, and you will do just that with this wine.  A blend of Malbec, Syrah, Bonarda and Cabernet Franc it is Renacer’s version of an Amarone.  Created in the style of Amarone using a unique drying method known as appassimento where the grapes are dried on racks, I found the wine to be rich yet smooth with a wonderful sweetness displaying flavors of raisins and plums.  The wine is complex and full-bodied.  The label has its own symbolism.  The M of Enamore stands for Mendoza while the red color represents the Italian side of this joint venture and the orange color signifies Argentina.  This superb wine stands true to its name.

Other memorable wines from Renacer are the Punta Final Casablanca Sauvignon Blanc with its intense grapefruit aroma and green apple flavors as well as the 2009 Renacer, a complex Malbec blending from vineyards in Uco Valley and Luján de Cuyo.

Argentine Wines at Renacer
Argentine Wines at Renacer.

Lunch at Mun@Casarena

I will always remember my luncheon Mun@Casarena the fabulous Asian Argentine fusion restaurant at Casarena Bodega.  Between the cuisine and the views, one could not ask for more.

Horseback Ride in the Andes

I can remember sipping Malbec in the afternoon during an Asada luncheon after taking a horseback ride through the Andes.  The experience is one for your bucket list.  Sauntering through the Andes Mountains, knowing you are away from the hustle bustle of the city is an adventure you will never forget.

Horseback Riding in the Andes
Horseback Riding in the Andes.


Having an old Porsche Carrera, one could not miss out on Pulenta Estates. Winery.  The owners of this winery also represent the Porsche dealership in Argentina.  Strolling through the winery, I spotted a Porsche engine on display.  It turns out Pulenta creates wine specially designated for Porsche.

At Pulenta we enjoyed a chocolate and wine pairing.  The white chocolate mixed with the Malbec was especially yummy.  Three wines from Pulenta were my favorites, the La Flor 2012 Malbec Rosé with its dry crisp and fresh tastes, the 2011 Pulenta Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, a balanced wine displaying fruity aromas with hints of cherries and some pepper on the finish.  Finally, the Late Harvest non-vintage Cabernet Franc harvested when the grapes look like raisins has a yin/yang quality. This characteristic also becomes apparent as you savor the sweetness juxtaposed to peppery spiciness.

Pulenta Estates Wine for Porsche
Pulenta Estates Argentine Wine for Porsche.

La Azul

It was delightful having lunch in the Valle de Uco at La Azul, which means the blue.  The outdoor environment of this charming restaurant is reminiscent of the outdoor cafés one might find in a hillside village in the south of France while enjoying a leisurely and delightful lunch and sipping local wines.  In this case, it was the views of the Andes in the horizon and the cuisine in the boutique winery that made you feel satiated.    I would describe the food as country Argentine.

All the wines were fabulous. The 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, aged in stainless steel with its herbal mountain qualities and subtle aromas of pineapple and grapefruit brought together with a creamy acidity. The 2012 Malbec with its deep purple color, hints of raspberries and raisins while being fruit forward yet soft and velvety. Finally, the no oak Cabernet Sauvignon with its spicy aromas that made each course of our meal superb.

Lunch at La Azul
Lunch at La Azul.

Gimenez Riili

Gimenez Riili is a family-owned winery in the Valle de Uco.  The wines are branded with blue and brown colors on each label and feature silhouettes of the family as each varietal is dedicated to a group of family members.  We sampled the 2012 Torrentes a nice crisp wine with tropical fruit flavors and dedicated to the good brothers. The 2011 Malbec is dedicated to the parents.  My favorite was the Syrah, a smoothly balanced wine with hints of raspberries and a touch of pepper.


While in the Valle de Uco I stayed at the Alpasion Lodge that features five guest suites.  Each room is decorated with a theme based on the elements.  I stayed in the metal-themed room.  Your stay includes dinner and breakfast.  The food is excellent especially the pastries for breakfast.  The Lodge is the perfect way to relax after a day of wine tasting.

Alpasion Pool
The pool at Alpasion overlooking the Andes.

My tour with Uncorking Argentina spanned over four days.  I chose to continue my visit to Mendoza and stayed on at the Park Hyatt, which I found to be very comfortable with impeccable service and an ideal location to walk around the city of Mendoza.

Dining in Mendoza

I was able to experience quite a selection of restaurants that I would highly recommend.  They include Azafran, which has an excellent selection of wines with a Sommelier who goes out of his way to assist you with your selection of wine.  We tried the 2008 Bressia Profundo, a blend comprised of are Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah.  It paired nicely with my risotto and my friend’s steak.

Siete Cocinas was by far my favorite restaurant.  The presentation was outstanding.  I chose for my entrée a superbly prepared local fish.  It was the poached pears for dessert that blew me away.  My server even treated me to Bodega Zuccardi’s Malamado, a late harvest Malbec.  I thought I was in heaven with this Argentine wine.

Siete Cocinas
Siete Cocinas

My memories will always be in my heart, and although I may not be able to be in Argentina on World Malbec Day, I hope you will join me in honoring this day by pouring a glass of your favorite Malbec and making a toast to this wonderful varietal in celebration of Argentina’s favorite wine.

Note: Common to the wine industry, this writer received hosted wine tastings of Argentine wine, some meals, and some accommodations. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure.