California Science Center: Space, Dogs and Beyond

Endeavour Space Shuttle - California Science Center
Sometimes we forget to look at what is available to us in our own back yard. In Los Angeles that that could be the California Science Center. With my husband’s love of space and our mutual adoration for dogs, it was the perfect match for a trip to our local science center to see the Endeavor and Dog’s A Science Tail.

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Both my husband and I remembered the day they flew the Endeavour into LA because the space ship made a grand entrance flying around LA perched on the back of a fitted 747. It was quite a sight. Having visited the Santa Monica Museum of Flying and the Commemorative Air Force SoCal Wing, it was time to view the Endeavor. Although the Endeavour is not in its permanent location, it currently resides in its own structure where you can see its immensity and feel its power as if it was orbiting through space.

Before you get to the Endeavour hanger, there is an exhibit on the shuttle. If you have ever wondered how some of our basic needs like eating and relieving yourself in space, you can find out how in this exhibit.

Space Toilet
Space Toilet

The California Science Center also has a section that features three space capsules, the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. From land to sea to the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, the center has many interactive exhibits.

Space Capsules
Space Capsules from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollos Space Missions

Dogs A Science Tail

The current exhibit, Dogs A Science Tail, is also interactive and caters to the young child. One learns about dogs and the various breeds. Ever wonder how the dog sees or hears you can find out at the science center. You can also discover the speeds of different breeds running. The Greyhound was 43 MPH while the Saluki and Afghan came in with a close second and third.

A small section of the exhibit is devoted to the art of man with his dog. Mostly Norman Rockwell. Of course, as an animal artist, that was my favorite part.

Dogs A Science Tail
Dogs A Science Tail – Everything you want to know about dogs.

IMAX Theater

While at the California Science Center take in the IMAX theater. There are three shows currently running Backyard Wilderness, Superpower Dogs and Apollo 11.

We viewed Superpower Dogs, a 45-minute film in 3D dedicated to those life-saving dogs. This film was dear to my heart because having done several articles on search and rescue dogs, Pearl, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, and the Los Angeles Task Force Team 1, I could relate to the greatness of these dogs that are trained to save lives. These superhero dogs save lives in many different ways. It could be a natural disaster, a state of emergency as in 911, or they can help as a therapy dog to someone with a disability, needing to build confidence or someone with PTSD. The importance of dogs in our lives becomes invaluable when you think of their conditional love and willingness to help us when we are in need. Superpower Dogs strikes home when you see the energy these dogs exhibit to help a human being.

Search Dog in Training
Search Dog in Training from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

For more information on the science center

California Science Center
700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Note: Common to the industry, this writer enjoyed hosted IMAX tickets. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure.