Cat Box Chronicles

Holly Eying the Cat Box
For those of you with multiple cats, cat box decorum can be a daunting task. I find it endlessly fascinating for some reason. Maybe I need to get a life, or perhaps pose the question on Facebook.

We have several cat boxes available for our three cats, but for some reason, our cats seem to prefer one box in particular. I wonder what that means?

I can always tell who is in the cat box by the way the sand is sifted through those busy paws. Our eldest, Sparky, is a true male. Much like those guys who leave the toilet seat up, Sparky is pretty selfish when it comes to his cat box manners. He leaves his business in less than a minute, knowing full well that one of his sisters will jump in and clean up the mess.

You see, he refuses to bury anything. Maybe he thinks the junk in there will cling to his tail, who knows? But he scratches for a second, and then beelines down the stairs like heʼs had a can of Red Bull.

Sparky- "I'm a boy. I don't do chores."
Sparky- “I’m a boy. I don’t do chores.”

Thankfully, thereʼs Milly, a true cat box addict. She can go up there and stay in there long enough to watch a movie. Digging, digging, digging, you think sheʼs making a sandcastle, but sheʼs probably just tidying up after her older brother who neglects his chores.

Maybe sheʼs OCD or something. Perhaps I should try to get her to dust our coffee table or make the bed. Iʼm sure sheʼd welcome the challenge.

Milly-"Do I have to rake again?"
Milly-“Do I have to rake again?”

And then thereʼs Holly, our dainty youngest daughter. Sheʼs truly in the middle of the road when it comes to the cat box. Sheʼs polite. She doesnʼt spend all day in there, and she tidies up after herself. In fact, after she uses the cat box, Iʼve even spotted her washing her hands in the sink and putting on lipstick.

How I wish her good behavior would rub off on her siblings.

About Guest Blogger Mary McGrath:

Mary McGrath is the proud servant to three cats. Sparky is a spunky 14-year old Siamese. Milly is a 10-year old stubborn Calico. Holly brings up the rear at age 8, and is a beautiful ragdoll. Mary’s work has been published in a number of publications including Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, The National Lampoon and LA Times.

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