The Gift: The story of a cat Rescue – CWA Award Winner

CWA Award
I am honored, my article won the 2017 Kari Winters Rescue and Rehabilitation Award at the Cat Writers Association writing competition. This CWA award was sponsored by Tica, The International Cat Association, Inc. The article called The Gift: The story of a cat rescue retells my experience rescuing cats after my sister passed away. From this experience, I received several intrinsic gifts including an extraordinary cat named Albee and this CWA award.

I tribute Albee with this win because of his gift of loving me.

Thank you judge Stacy LeBaron for this thrilling honor.

Judges comments: I found The Gift: The Story of a Cat Rescue by Cori Solomon to be just the right balance of education and emotion. Cori shares this wonderful and very personal story of rescuing a group of kitties that her sister had in Las Vegas after her tragic death. Cori bonded with one particular cat named, Albee. I found as Cori shared with us in detail of how she found homes for many of these cats that I also felt bonded to him. Her passion for these cats and kittens would convince anyone that fostering is critical to saving lives and Cori does this very well in telling this story of “The Gift.”

Albee, Cat Rescue
Albee, the cat I rescued

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