Holly on the floor
So many of my friends are dealing with the empty nest syndrome. You know, the kids leave, and then you wonder if you have anything in common with your spouse anymore. Sound familiar? We have three cats, and I’m so glad we don’t have to deal with this. What would it be called anyway? Empty Cat box Syndrome? You looking longingly at the cat box and its smooth sand, missing the days of scooping and refilling….Well, actually, I could get used to that…

Pets will never leave you, and to me, thatʼs comforting. They also don’t talk back like real children, and that’s a real blessing as well. Imagine if cats could speak? They’d probably come up with some gems like these.

Millie in the dining room
Millie in the dining room. Photo Mary McGrath

“Why can’t we have an aquarium?”

“How about five dollars so I can buy some Fancy Feast?”

“Why don’t you go to the store so I can jump up on the counter?”

“I think you should use the cat box for a change. I’d like to try the toilet for awhile.”

Sparky One of our talking Cats
Sparky One of our talking Cats. Photo Mary McGrath

Cats will live with you, love you and put up with your messy dishes, your clothes all over the bed and purr that contented sigh. It’s a pretty nice life if you ask me. I’d love someone to feed me, pet me, take me to the doctor, and open the shades so I can lie in the sun.

About Guest Blogger Mary McGrath:

Mary McGrath is the proud servant to three cats. Sparky is a spunky 14-year old Siamese. Milly is a 10-year old stubborn Calico. Holly brings up the rear at age 8, and is a beautiful ragdoll. Mary’s work has been published in a number of publications including Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, The National Lampoon and LA Times.

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