Champagne Jacquart: Pleasure and passion in a glass of Champagne

Champagne Jacquart

Celebrating 50 years, Champagne Jacquart is considered young in spirit, innovation, and production for this region of France. To inaugurate this special year, the winery is introducing the Mosaic collection, a body of Champagnes that best represents the vitality of House of Jacquart and its head winemaker, Floriane Eznack.

Floriane Eznack

Floriane Eznack met with a group of wine writers at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel during the onset of Champagne Jacquart’s anniversary launch tour featuring this new Mosaic collection. Floriane’s youthful and feminine energy permeated the luncheon as well as the Champagne.

Joining Jacquart four years ago, Floriane is one of a handful of female winemakers in Champagne. She represents the contemporary influences that are edging there way into the very established business of making Champagne. In her 30s, Floriane brings a bright change to a relatively young company.

With tenacity, she takes the helm, showing off the elegance of Jacquart’s Champagne. There is a feminine vitality that is ever so prevalent with each sip of the various Champagnes that I sampled.

Floriane Eznack - Champagne Jacquart
Floriane Eznack

Jacquart History

Jacquart was established in 1964 by a group of thirty winegrowers. You might say it was a cooperative that combined villages and vineyards under one roof. At that time, this was a unique concept, and the first of its kind. The impact of this collaboration has made Champagne Jacquart one of the top 10 international brands. Champagne Jacquart produces 7% of the Champagne from this region and consists of 3 wineries, employs 200 people and has 1800 vineyards.


The Mosaic theme represents the many villages, vineyard plots, the people, and the vintages that are all part of Champagne Jacquart and are integral to making a bottle of Champagne.

The first Champagne we sampled was the Brut Mosaïque. One might say it is a mosaic of different wines, vintages, and villages. It is an elegantly bright, crisp, and refreshing Champagne with refined flavors of pineapple. You will find it to be a straightforward feminine Champagne that is soft and smooth. This Non-vintage blend reflects the contemporary style that Jacquart is trying to achieve by utilizing mostly Chardonnay grapes.

The exquisite copper color of the Rose Mosaïque is a blend of red and white wines. Champagne is the only region that allows this type of blending. One finds fresh flavors of peach in this elegant trendy Champagne.

The Rosé
The Rosé

Blanc de Blancs

The 2006 Blanc de Blancs aged for seven years and sees no oak. It has a very creamy minerality with stone fruit flavors. The grapes come from the mountainous areas of Reims.


Our final wine was the 2006 Cuvee, a blend of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. There are yeasty aromas and flavors of Brioche.

Champange Jacquart Cuvee

The Champagnes of Jacquart are all elegant with a softer texture that is reminiscent of the feminine qualities exuded by Floriane prowess. This Champagne is about pleasure and passion. It is an immediate pleasure one gets when sharing a glass of Champagne with friends and family.