Discovery Princess: 360 An Extraordinary Experience

Discovery Princess

Life is about immersing yourself in extraordinary encounters. For those of you who enjoy cruises, Princess Cruises has one of those memorable experiences. The Van Gogh and Claude Monet Immersive Experience enhanced your sense of sight as you viewed the exceptional works of both artists. Add in your other senses of taste, smell, and touch with a visual trip abroad, and you have the Discovery Princess 360, An Extraordinary Experience.

Discovery Princess

The Discovery Princess is the latest ship to join the Princess Cruise line. In 2022 the ship celebrated its christening and grand opening. Currently, the Discovery Princess spends its spring and summer months sailing from Vancouver to Alaska. During the fall and winter months, the ship cruises the waters of the Mexican Riviera from Los Angeles.

Grand Entry on Discovery Princess
Grand Entry on Discovery Princess. Photo Courtesy of Andy Harris

The ship boasts many exciting features, including many restaurants. They include the Salty Dog Gastropub, Princess Live Café, Crown Grill, and Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria.

Discovery Princess Gelato Bar
Discovery Princess Gelato Bar. Photo courtesy of Andy Harris

For those who love ice cream-type desserts, there is a Gelato Bar. Some may want to check out bars like Good Spirits at Sea.

Others enjoy the onboard activities like the spa, pools, or the privacy of your stateroom’s private deck.

Discovery Princess Pools
Discovery Princess Pools. Photo Courtesy Andy Harris and the SoCal Restaurant Show

There is one experience that you must take advantage of, and that is the 360 Experience.

360 An Extraordinary Experience

The 360 An Extraordinary Experience is the latest in culinary dining, embarking you on a sensory adventure like no other. Your visual dining tour takes you to the Mediterranean with stops in Santorini, Sicily, Pompei, and Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Continuing the adventure, you visit Spanish cities like Barcelona. Finally, you end your journey in France’s Provence and Champagne regions.

Discovery Princess 360 Dining in Barcelona
Discovery Princess360 Dining in Barcelona, Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

While sipping a 360 cocktail, the music sets the stage for your culinary adventure as you walk the ship’s narrow corridors to an unexpected, almost hidden dining room. Upon entering, you wonder what secrets lie beyond the curved tables that seat 20 people. Be prepared for a visual experience that includes touch, smell, and taste. The visuals transform your plain table and plates into the groove of the country or city you visit. Maybe it’s a picnic in Italy or a lavender farm in Provence. Picture yourself by the sea; you will instantly come alive with the salty and briny ocean aromas. In Provence, it is the smell of the fragrant lavender.

Discovery Princess 360 - Under the Sea
Discovery Princess 360: Under the Sea. Photo Courtesy of Princesss Cruises

Unique Wine Experience

With my focus on wine, it was fun to have an underwater experience with the aging of wine.

The wine, ElixSea Lega Sea 2018, consists of a blend of Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah from the Priorat region. After 12 months of aging in French oak barrels, followed by bottling, the wine ages another six months under the sea, where the bottles are gently rocked with the ocean’s current. The result is an elegant wine displaying flavors of red and black fruits. The bottle is uniquely adorned with crustaceans of the sea.

ElixSea Lega
ElixSea Lega, Wine aged under the sea. Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

More on the 360 Experience

The 360 experience is offered to those who book suite accommodations. There are two nightly sittings. The Princess line expanded the experience to include the Enchanted Princess.

I consider the Discovery Princess 360 An Extraordinary Experience, one to wow you with culinary excellence and visual perception. It will be one of those special moments highlighting your cruising memories.

360 Cocktail
360 Cocktail

Note: Common to the wine industry, this writer attended a hosted luncheon aboard the Discovery Princess. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure.