My Dog Swallowed a Soft Toy – DWA Award Finalist

Saluki with Flamengo plush toy - DWA Award Finalist article
This article about what to do when your dog swallows an unwanted foreign object was a finalist for a Maxwell Medallion Award in the 2016 Writing Competition sponsored by the Dog Writers Association of America. Cori received a Certificate of Nomination for excellence in the category of Article or Blog – Health or General Care.

Here is an excerpt from the article 4 Things I Learned When My Dog Swallowed a Soft Toy:

It never fails; emergencies with our dogs always seem to happen in the middle of the night. Most of us always hope we can wait until morning to see our vet. Not so when your dog has ingested something potentially harmful. Such was the case when Zoe, our Saluki, decided to consume her favorite toy, a small, pink, plush Flamingo.

It all started when Zoe began playing with her favorite toy at 11 p.m. She seemed a little off, as if her hormones were out of balance. Her actions were telling me it was not your normal dog toy game, where the object is thrown up in the air and caught. Definitely not one of those entertaining games our dogs seem to love to play. Zoe’s eyes had a look to them that was almost menacing.

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