Dogs and Wine: What Dog Represents Riva Leone Barbaresco

Dogs and Wine Riva Leone Barbaresco

Continuing my dogs and wine series after recently enjoying the Mack & Schühle Riva Leone Barbaresco DOCG, I decided this was the perfect wine to represent another dog breed. This Italian wine showcases a Nebbiolo from Piedmont.

Behind the Brand

Riva Leone was an ambassador for wines of the Langhe region. He represented these wines throughout Europe in the early 20th century. Like his wines, he had a unique character and personality. His legacy lives on in the Mack & Schühle’s Riva Leone wines of Piedmont.

Langhe Wine Region

The Langhe region is a hilly subregion of Piedmont. Its location is east of the Tanaro river and south of Alba, in the Cuneo province of Piedmont. Langhe is plural for Langa. Langa means long, low-lying hill.

Riva Leone Barbaresco

Riva Leone Barbaresco 2017: I found this wine reasonably priced from Piedmont. This wine consists of 100% Nebbiolo and ages in American and French oak. The oak treatment gives this Nebbiolo a softer, more delicate texture. It was a wine that grew on me. The wine displayed long legs. The soft character gives the wine an elegance that reminds me of many Pinot Noirs. I discovered a lighter-bodied wine that reveals aromas of earth and mushrooms. The wine exhibits red fruit and spice. I can see this wine accompany turkey at a Thanksgiving dinner. I do recommend letting the wine open up and possibly aerating before serving.

Riva Leone Barbaresco
Riva Leone Barbaresco

Dogs and Wine – Dog Breed

It was not hard to pick the breed for this wine. Combining the fact that this wine comes from Italy, displays long legs, and delivers a lovely elegance, I choose the Italian Greyhound, which is also known as an IG. The breed represents an ancient breed as Nebbiolo represents an older grape variety indigenous to Piedmont, Italy. In the glass, the Riva Leone Barbaresco has long legs and, in my opinion, is an elegant wine.

The AKC’s breed description describes the Italian Greyhound as a Greyhound in miniature, a sleek, slender, and elegant dog that is alert, playful, and highly affectionate. Although a member of the toy breed, the Italian Greyhound has the curving lines of a coursing dog, many of which are sighthounds. Like the sighthound, Italian Greyhounds thinks they are lapdogs. Beware, although small, they love to take over your bed and sofa as couch potatoes.

Treasured Moments Dogs and Wine Italian Greyhound Art by Cori Solomon
Treasured Moments Italian Greyhound Art by Cori Solomon

The Art of Dogs and Wine – The Italian Greyhound

In my first article about wine and dogs, I described my palette as consisting of pastels. Although most of the dogs I draw are created in pastels, this head study of an Italian Greyhound called Treasured Moments utilized the acrylic medium. This painting depicts a fawn and white Italian Greyhound.

This article is the second in an occasional series I plan to write, pairing dogs with wine. To read the first article in the series, click here.

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Note: Common to the wine industry, this writer received hosted wine samples. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure.