Find Enchantment in Umbria at the Roccafiore Winery and Resort

Roccafiore Winery and Resort Vineyards
In 2014 I had the opportunity to meet Luca Baccarelli and sample the wines of Roccafiore Winery. this magnificent property in person. Fast forward to 2016 where my wish came true on a recent trip to Italy. I have to say viewing images do not do justice to this winery and resort.

In Italian, rocca means rock and fiore means flower. Rocca symbolizes the solid structure or the rock foundation of the Roccafiore resort and winery that are the mainstay of the property. Fiore represents the beauty of the landscape, vineyards, the fruits it bares and the flora that surrounds the property. Together they build on what is the essence Roccafiore. I could feel all this the minute I set foot onto the property.

The Family Behind Roccafiore Winery

The Baccarelli name is a fixture in Italian gas and car racing. They are also heavily involved in renewable green energy, solar and bioenergy. A love of his native land was what brought Leonardo Baccarelli to purchase the property that is now Roccafiore Winery.

With a zeal for life and its bounty, the Baccarelli Family shared their passion for this land with its breathtaking views by building what is now their winery, resort, restaurant, and spa in this Italian paradise they call home. I sensed this fervor in a very peaceful way as I strolled the grounds. There was something very idyllic that hit me immediately and gave me a sense of admiration for what this family has created.

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