Enjoying French Rosé Wine

French Rose Wine
There is something about a French Rosé Wine that speaks of France. In most cases, they are different than Spanish or American Rosés. Often the Rosés are lighter in color especially the ones for Côtes de Provence. The aromas are also unique to the region, especially the Côtes de Provence, known for their distinct aromas of the sea due to its proximity to the Mediterranean as well as the Herbs de Provence. The latter is often represents the lavender that abundantly grows in the region. The flavors usually characterize the salt of the sea as they often have an underlying saline quality.

French Rose Wine

Four French Rosés to consider; three from Côtes de Provence and one from Côtes du Rhône.

Côtes De Provence

Château De Berne Inspiration 2017: Combining 70% Grenache with Cinsault and an even smaller percentage of Syrah, this Côtes de Provence wine features a pale pink color. The aromas were citrus, stone fruit, florals, and cherry while the flavors express the regions Herbs de Provence apricot and a little sea salt on the finish. The wine is bright and crisp just like any good Provence wine should be.

Berne Inspiration Cotes De Provence
Berne Inspiration Côtes De Provence

Château Du Berne Emotion 2017: With 50% Grenache mixed 50/50 with Cinsault and Syrah this wine another pale colored Rosé. Find aromas of Herbs de Provence and a freshness only the sea offers. The flavors are strawberry, stone fruit, and citrus.

Berne Emotion Cotes De Provence
Berne Emotion Côtes De Provence

Domaine Ott By.Ott Côtes De Provence 2017: This Rosé utilizes 65% Grenache, 25% Cinsault and 2% Syrah and Mourvédre to produce a wine whose dominate flavor is apricot. On the nose, I found citrus and apricot while on the palate in addition to apricot, the wine fruitiness promotes grapefruit and stone fruit. This Rosé is classical in its style.

Domaine Ott By.Ott Cotes de Provence
Domaine Ott By.Ott Côtes de Provence

Côtes Du Rhône

Ferraton Père & Fils Côtes Du Rhône Samorëns 2017: Blending 75% Grenache with Syrah and Cinsault the Rosé evokes aromas of fresh strawberries while on the palate one finds red fruit enhanced by a lively minerality and some spice on the finish.

Ferraton Pere Du Rhone Samorens
Ferraton Pére Du Rhône Samorëns

Finally, as I am reviewing this set of French Rosé wine, there are several characteristics in all the Rosés. First, the dominance of Grenache in all the wines followed by in the Côtes De Provence Cinsault and an even lesser portion of Syrah. Alternatively, the Côtes du Rhône while prominently blending Grenache, utilizes a significant amount of Syrah as compared to Cinsault. Either way, the distinctions between French Rosé wine and other regions of the world are quite apparent.