Paso Robles Inn: At the heart of your Central Coast wine country getaway

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A visit to Paso Robles must include a stay at the Historic hotel, Paso Robles Inn, where one can experience the mineral springs. Paso Robles was originally known for its Mineral Springs. These thermal springs brought many a traveler. Cattle ranchers, almond and apple growers, and dairy farmers were the first to settle in the area. Today Paso Robles, which means the Pass of Oaks, is becoming an exciting place for both the arts and, of course, the expanding wine industry.

Historic Hotel – Paso Robles Inn

The Paso Robles Inn is the oldest hotel in Paso Robles, dating back to the 1800s. In 1940 there was a fire that destroyed the hotel. The hotel was rebuilt in 1942. The Martin family purchased it in 1999.

Over the years, the hotel has featured many famous guests, but one, in particular, plays an important part in their history. That was Ignace Paderewski, the concert pianist who utilized the thermal springs for health reasons in 1913. Those therapeutic waters helped Paderewski with his arthritis making him able to play again.

One room in the hotel may be haunted. On numerous occasions, there have been calls to the front desk from room 1007. When reception picked up, there was no one on the line. What made this even eerier was the fact that no one was staying in the room. There also was a call to 911, and of course, when the guest registry was checked, the room was vacant.

In the year 2000, the hotel became part of the Historic Hotels of America registry.

Paso Robles Inn
Paso Robles Inn

Paso Robles Inn Features

One discovers the vegetable and herb gardens, which the chef utilizes in the hotel’s dining room when meandering the lushly planted gardens of the hotel.

The iconic tower of the Paso Robles Inn overlooks the downtown square. The hotel is ideally located to take advantage of the revitalized downtown area, the numerous shops, wine bars, and eclectic selection of restaurants with outdoor dining patios.

Historic Hotel - Paso Robles Inn Tower
Historic Hotel – Paso Robles Inn Tower


The Rooms

The rooms are nicely furnished especially the newly remodeled wine themed rooms. Each wine-themed room is named after a local winery. Mine, the Castoro, which seemed apropos because I wanted to sample wines from this winery at Sunset Savor the Central Coast. What is interesting about the wine-themed accommodations is each winery has added décor in the rooms such as art, furniture, and accessories bearing their wineries name. The winery may decorate the rooms with anything they choose to represent their winery.

Each of the wine-themed rooms includes a private outdoor thermal spa on the patio or balcony. One must remember to bring a swimsuit to take advantage of the relaxing and rejuvenating mineral springs. It is a perfect way to end your day, enjoy the sunset, and sip a glass of wine. Perhaps a wine from the winery dedicated to your room.

When entering your room, do not be alarmed when the hotel’s mascot, known as the towel cow greets you. He sits diligently awaiting you on your bed. The cow towel is laden with lollipops for human consumption. He will most likely greet you on a daily basis during your stay at the Paso Robles Inn.

Cow Towel Mascot
Cow Towel Mascot

Pet Policy

For those of you who travel with your pets, the Paso Robles Inn offers pet-friendly rooms. There is a pet fee of $25, and a portion of the pet deposit goes to the Woods Humane Society.

The hotel’s staff is very friendly. They will gladly assist in accommodating all your needs, especially if you have an issue in your room.

For more information or to book a reservation at this historic hotel:

Paso Robles Inn
1103 Spring Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446

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