IFWTWA Photo Contest Awards

The Primus Room - Bodegas Salentein @Cori Solomon

I am pleased to say that in 2021 two of my photos won awards in the 2021 IFWTWA photo contest. I received 1st place in the winery category with my photo entitle Primus Room Bodegas Salentein. I also received an Honorable mention in the bottles and glasses category with my photo Bottle of Pinot Noir with Vineyards.

Primus Room Bodegas Salentein

My photo, Primus Room Bodegas Salentein was taken on a trip I made to Mendoza Argentian. I was taken when with the image of the piano sitting in the barrel room. I could only imagine and hear the melody played at the concert given a few nights before my visit.

Bottle of Pinot Noir With Vineyards

This photo of a bottle of Pinot Noir was taken at Iris Vineyards. I was enamored with the view along the arbor wall. I thought why not put the bottle in the opening of the wall can capture the wine bottle and the view.

IFWTWA Photo Contest Iris Vineyards - Areté Pinot Noir @Cori Solomon
Bottle of Pinot Noir with vineyards.

Food, Wine, Travel Magazine Special Photo Contest Issue March 2021

To view my winning photos and other photos I entered in the contest as well as those from other writers that submitted to the photo contest.