International Rosé Day: It’s All About Rosé

International Rosé Day Wines
Some say the celebration of Rosé is on June 8th each year, a day named National Rosé Day.  Others say it is August 14th, a day called International Rosé Day.  While others say, International Rosé Day is the 4th week in June. Then some say the month of August is the celebration of Rosé. Pick whichever day to celebrate Rosé, and for that matter, any time of the year is a good day to enjoy our pink wine because of Rosé’s versatility.

For this article, I will present a group of Rosés that you can enjoy for International Rosé Day or throughout August.  My selections will include both still and sparkling wine.

Sparkling Rosé

For those that like a little spritz in their life, Sparkling Rosé would be an option for International Rosé Day.

Ernesto Catena Vineyards Alma Negra Brut Natural Rosé NV: I found this to be an unusual blend from Mendoza, Argentina.  The wine combines Malbec with Pinot Noir. On the nose, I found fresh fruit, but on the palate, I found a flavor that is not typical for a sparkling Rosé, lime that accents stone fruit.  Even the bottle is atypical.  Often, we find sparkling Rosé in a clear container.  This sparkler is unique with its dark bottle, which we sometimes see with sparkling red wine.

Ernesto Catena Vineyards Alma Negra
Ernesto Catena Vineyards Alma Negra

Famille Perrin La Vielle Ferme Reserve Sparkling Rosé:  This French sparkling wine is composed of Grenache and Cinsault that is vinified by direct press and Pinot Noir. The varieties are planted in limestone soil, which affords the wine nice minerality. I found flavors of raspberry and citrus with some yeasty and Brioche qualities in the bubbles.


August Kessler The D Lily Ugust Rosé 2017: Probably one of my first samples of Rosé from Germany.  This Rosé caught my fancy because the grapes are grown in the Rheingau region, which includes the area known as Rüdesheim, a place I have stayed many times.  This wine could almost pass for a sparkling wine with a sweet finish.  The grapes come from vines with ages anywhere from 25 to 80 years old. The wine exhibits crisp and fresh qualities with notes of strawberry.

August Kesseler Rosé
August Kesseler Rosé

Commanderie de Peyrassol Cuvée de la Commanderie Rosé 2018: From the Côtes de Provence, this Rosé consists of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Rolle, Mourvédre, Cabernet, and Carignan.  This wine has a light, delicate character that is typical of a Provence wine.  On the palate, dominant flavors of raspberry prevail.

Peyrassol Cuvee La Commanderie
Peyrassol Cuvée La Commanderie

Röbller Vineyard St. Vincent Rose NV: St. Vincent is a French American Hybrid that, in this case, is grown in New Haven, Missouri.  This wine is one of my favorite examples of St. Vincent because Jerry Mueller, the winemaker, takes a more continental approach to creating his wines.

This dry Rosé delivers strawberry aromas while on the palate the tarter notes of strawberry and cranberry prevail.  The creamy quality highlights the minerality and acidity of the wine.

Robller Vineyard St. Vincent Rose
Röbller Vineyard St. Vincent Rosé

Les Vignes de Bila-Haut Pays d’Oc Rosé 2018:  One of my old standbys for the summer, this wine combines Grenache with Cinsault. The wine displays a nice minerality that highlights cherry with hints of citrus.

Les Vignes de Bila-Haut Pays dOc Rose
Les Vignes de Bila-Haut Pays d’Oc Rosé

Domaine Bousquet Rosé 2019:  This Argentine wine combines 50% Pinot Noir with 30% Tempranillo, 10% Pinot Gris, and 10% Viognier.  The combination brings forth a lively-spirited wine brings forth the flavors of apricot and red berries.

Studio by Miraval 2018:  A combination of Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle, and Tibouren, this winery’s location comes through in the wine.  Located on the French Riviera, the salt from the sea imparts itself into the wine.

A saline quality comes through with each sip.  The vinification process for the Cinsault and the Tibouren are in steel tanks, while the Grenache and Rolle partially vinify in tulip-shaped concrete vats.  On the nose, citrus and white flower aromas prevail. On the palate, I found flavors of citrus, cherry, and strawberry.

Studio by Miraval
Studio by Miraval

International Rosé Day

Whether you choose to celebrate Rosé on the wine calendar designated day or decide to quaff at your leisure, these Rosés merit consideration at any time of the year.  For me, a Rosé day kind of day brings a smile to my face because I think of it as a bright, cheery wine.

Common to the wine industry, this writer received hosted wine samples. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure.