Kaiken and Viña Montes: Passion for wine spanning the Andes

Kaiken and Viña Montes - Montes Apalta Estate
They say like “father like son” but in the case of the Montes, they stand for different sides of the Andes. Aurelio Montes, Sr. represents Chile and Viña Montes. Aurelio Montes, Jr. exemplifies Argentina and Kaiken. Although they are different countries and wineries, they have a lot in common especially their passion for wine.

An exuberant passion for wine and winemaking are two important components for making an outstanding wine. This is true for both Aurelio Sr. and Jr. I remember meeting Aurelio Montes, Jr., winemaker for Kaiken a few years ago. His enthusiasm for his craft was and still is quite apparent when in his company. One immediately senses his fervor for wine, the terroir and entire wine making process. This is also true of his father. I sensed this same passion at a father-son tasting recently.

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