Wine & Roses: The Utmost in a Lodi Hotel

Wine & Roses Garden
A visit to Lodi must include a stay at Wine & Roses. At the same time, this Lodi hotel combines the region’s history with the communities wine legacy; it also offers a sanctuary for serenity and calm after a day of wine tasting. The ambiance is intensified by the hotel’s location, nestled in a park-like setting of trees, roses, and fresh herbs, which also brings forth its heritage and that of the Lodi’s agricultural past.

Gardens Wine & Roses Palm Rooms
Gardens and Fountain near the Wine & Roses Palm Rooms
Herb Garden Wine & Roses
Herb Garden at Wine & Roses

Wine & Roses History

While this Lodi hotel features 66 guest suites, the property sits on a seven-acre parcel. The hotel began when Burton Towne acquired the land in 1902. From his engineering background, Burton became a farmer growing grapes and almonds. It was here that Burton and his wife; Alice built their home, which began known as the “Towne Corner.” Often people would stop by for a picnic because of the properties exquisite gardens that boasted 400 rose bushes. A fire in the mid-20s destroyed the home. It was rebuilt and by 1930 contained a two-story home known as the Towne House.

Lodi Hotel Wine & Roses
Lodi Hotel Wine & Roses

By 1984 the property was designated a historical site. Kris Cromwell with her son Del Smith purchased it that same year. They made the home into a 10-room bed & breakfast. In 1999, Russ and Kathryn Munson the current owners bought the property and with the involvement and support of the community and the Lodi Grape Commission, the expansion of the Wine & Roses started and evolved to its present status.

Wine & Roses Guest Suites

The hotel now offers a selection of rooms from the Historic Inn, the Garden Rooms, the chic modern Spa Rooms or the rich, deep colors of our Palm Rooms.   My guest suite featured the comforts of a Palm Room.

Historic Inn Suite Wine & Roses
Historic Inn Suite at Wine & Roses

My room had a fireplace, which was the perfect ambiance to enjoy as the evening cooled down. This second-floor suite also featured a balcony that overlooked a lovely vista of the gardens. You could hear the resident fountain in the background. The beds were comfy.

Guest Room Suite Wine & Roses
My Suite at Wine & Roses
Wine & Roses Palm Room
Sitting Area in the Palm Room at Wine & Roses

Wine & Roses Staff

Most impressive is the staff’s responsiveness to your needs. Although the rooms featured a refrigerator, it lacks a microwave. I needed one, and the staff quickly provided me with one. Since I arrived late, I decided to have dinner in my room. Knowing this, someone from the front desk team appeared at my door with a plate and cutlery for me to utilize with the meal I had brought from home.  My leftover dinner felt grander being served on a porcelain plate in my guest suite.

When I first checked in, there were some issues with my room keys, and again Wine & Rose’s staff was on it within minutes. Attentive staff makes a stay all the better and makes one feel like their visit is important to the hotel. The personal focus on the individual needs sums up exactly how the hotel treated me.

A stroll around the grounds is a must. Make sure to check out the birds. One discovers two Macaws, Rudy and Bestman and two African Greys, Peaches and Trouble. I am not sure which group of birds was rowdier.

Wine & Roses Macaws Rudy and Bestman
Wine & Roses Macaws Rudy and Bestman
Africans Greys Peaches and Trouble
Africans Greys Peaches and Trouble

At the end of a summer’s day, a dip in the pool will be an excellent way to refresh after a day of tasting wine. There also is a fitness room.

Wine & Roses Pool
The pool at Wine & Roses

Wine & Roses Towne House Restaurant

The hotel features the Towne House Restaurant, which is Bradley Ogden’s latest restaurant. Ogden is one of the forefathers of the farm to table movement that swept this country. His cuisine concentrates on seasonal and local produce and meats.

Dining Area Wine & Roses
Dining Area at Towne Hour Restaurant at Wine & Roses
Town House Restaurant Cuisine
Town House Restaurant Cuisine

My visit to the Wine & Roses included a country styled Breakfast of eggs, sausage, and fruit.

Breakfast Wine & Roses
Breakfast at Wine & Roses

Although I did not have a chance to utilize the Spa facilities, Wine & Roses offers a full spectrum of facials, body treatments and more to pamper yourself.

Rose Bush at Wine & Roses
Rose Bush at Wine & Roses

Situated on this Lodi hotel property is the Lodi Wine & Visitor Center. It is the ideal spot because you can stroll over to the center and plan your winery visits. The center carries over 100 wines from 80 wineries. The tasting bar has at least eight wines to choose from on a daily basis. It allows you to pop in and end your day with a glass of wine in a casual setting.

The Wine & Roses sets itself apart as a Lodi hotel by the caliber and quality of the experience and amenities offered to the visitor.

Note: Common to the travel industry, this writer was provided with accommodations. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure.