Museum of the Dog: AKC’s tribute To All Dogs

AKC Museum of the Dog
New York is known for its diversity of museums and attractions. When the AKC decided to move the Museum of the Dog back to the Big Apple, it made sense. With AKC’s headquarters located in the city, it also fits into the variety of attractions offered.

Museum of the Dog Then and Now

My first visit to the AKC Museum of the dog was in 2012. At the time, the museum was located in St Louis, Missouri, in a Greek revival home, and my dog Zoe participated in that visit. Today the Museum of the Dog is now located in New York City in mid-town Manhattan. The museum still welcomes dogs to visit.

Zoe Exploring the AKC Museum of the Dog
Zoe exploring the AKC Museum of the Dog in St Louis in 2012

There is a stark difference between the countrified feeling of the St Louis museum and today’s sleek modern walls that adorn the space today. Actually, the interior of the museum is better suited for showing off the art of our canine companions. The museum has also entered the digital age with interactive exhibits ideal for young kids.

Under the direction of Alan Fausel, whose background has taken him across the country to curate at various art museums and to auction houses such as Doyle and Bonhams, he is instrumental in bringing the Museum of the Dog into the future by making the museum user-friendly.

Current Exhibition

Currently on exhibit, Mush! A Tribute to Sled Dogs from Arctic Exploration to the Iditarod. It tells the story of Mushers, the sled drivers that leads the dogs, and the Iditarod a race that occurs every March from Anchorage to Nome. This exhibit continues through March 29, 2020.

Samoyeds displayed in the current exhibition

The Art Collection

In addition, their paintings of every dog breed. From painting to drawings to sculpture to porcelain figurines, one finds both humorous and serious dog art.

Humorous Dog Sculpture
Humorous Dog Sculpture

One of the spatially interesting exhibits was the unique way the porcelain and ceramic figures of dogs are display. Utilizing your trip maximum gallery space, there is an enclosed case that features levels of these figures for you view as you walk up to the various floors.

Porcelain Dog Figurines
Porcelain Dog Figurines

One of the most famous paintings exhibited in the dog museum’s main hall is James Ward’s Salukis or Persia Greyhounds.

James Ward - Salukis, or Persia Greyhounds
James Ward – Salukis, or Persia Greyhounds

One of my favorites, a whippet created in the style of artist Gustav Klimt’s style. I love the humor of the sculpture with the dog with two puppets on its paws. For me, it was fun seeing some of the pieces I recognized from the Art Show at the Dog Show, an exhibition I participated in for many years.

Dog in Gold - Tribute to Gustav Klimt
Dog in Gold – Tribute to Gustav Klimt

For those attending Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, take time to visit the AKC Museum of the Dog.

The Museum of the Dog also houses the most extensive collections of books on dogs in their library.  Their archives date back to the 1800s.

Bronze Dog Sculpture
Bronze Dog Sculpture

A trip to the Museum of the Dog is a must for every dog lover and enthusiast. Who does not want to see their canine friends in all their glory?