Osteria Trattoria Da Burde meets Castello Di Meleto

Osteria Trattoria Da Burde
In Italy, the Osteria is a mainstay for regional Italian cooking. Often locals frequent the Osteria. These restaurants are informal yet traditional. One such dining establishment is Trattoria Da Burde in Florence. Here not only did we get to sample the marvelous food but also it was paired with the wines from Castello Di Meleto.

Trattoria Da Burde Pastry Chef
Trattoria Da Burde Pastry Chef
Osteria Trattoria Da Burde entrance Sign
Osteria Trattoria Da Burde entrance Sign

History of Osteria Trattoria Da Burde

Burde started in 1901 as a way station and has since developed into an Osteria and market. Over the years the restaurant has expanded. Behind the retail front is a maze of dining rooms that add to the charm and ambiance of this eatery.

This is a family-owned osteria now in its 3rd generation. Two brothers Andre and Paolo Gori, now run the restaurant. One of the themes of the osteria is Pinocchio because the story by Carlo Collodi was written in the town of Pescia, which lies near very close to Florence and to Carlo’s place of birth, Collodi. Many of the Pinocchio’s adventures supposedly took place in and around Florence, therefore the Gori brothers felt it was an appropriate theme.

It is the service that makes this osteria so special. One will definitely encounter an exceptional dining experience. You will not go away hungry, as the portions are large. For those with allergies, the restaurant staff goes overboard to cater to your dietary needs.

From start to finish you will not be disappointed. Not only is the food excellent but the charming ambiance of the Osteria adds another flavor to your meal.

Castello Di Meleto Castle and Vineyards
Photo Courtesy of Castello Di Meleto

Castello Di Meleto

On our visit to the Osteria we had the opportunity to sample the wines of Castello Di Meleto. The winery is located south of Florence within about 14 kilometers from Radda in the Chianti region of Tuscany and built around 11-century castle that resides on the estate. Today the property features hotel accommodations with 70 guest suites, 6 of which are in the castle. The property offers many activities besides wine tasting. These include cooking classes, honey tasting, and olive oil tastings.

Castello Di Meleto Castle Grounds
Photo Courtesy of Castello Di Meleto

The winery has 300 acres of vineyards and is moving towards going completely sustainable. Sangiovese is the main grape but in the 1980s Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon were planted. By the late 1990s, it was decided to plant some white varietals including Vermentino as well as to replant many of the red varietals to enhance the winery’s sustainable program.Castello Di Meleto Vermentino and Brut Rosé

Castello Di Meleto Wines

We sampled five wines from Meleto and the favorites were the reds. Beginning the tasting with a sparkling Sangiovese created in the classic method. This Spumante Rainero Brut Rosé is produced every couple of years.

Next came the bright and citrusy Borgaio Vermentino. This is a refreshing example of the white wines created in the Chianti region.Castello Di Meleto Red Wines

The 2013 Castello Di Meleto Chianti Classico is bright yet earthy with cherry flavors. The 2012 Castello Di Meleto Chianti Classico Riserva also delivers those marvelous cherry flavors with spicy yet elegant notes. Grapes for this wine come from the winery’s best vineyard called Casi. The wine ages 50% in French oak and 50% in Slovenian casks. Finally, the Castello Di Meleto Chianti Classico Gran Selezione consists of 85% Sangiovese and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon which ages in French oak. This wine is rich and velvety with cherry flavors.

Trattoria Da Burde Chef with Cori Solomon
Trattoria Da Burde Chef with Cori Solomon

Florence and Tuscany

Both the Trattoria Da Burde and Castello Di Meleto are perfect examples of what both Florence and the Tuscany region have to offer in terms of wining and dining in a traditional style. The Castello Di Meleto Winery and Castle definitely be on the to-do list for a future trip to Tuscany.

Trattoria Da Burde Wine Cellar
Wine cellar at Trattoria Da Burde
Osteria Trattoria Da Burde Market
The front of the Osteria – Trattoria Da Burde is a retail market