Remembering Mendoza: Discovering Argentina

Mendoza Vineyard in Early October
As life leads us in different directions, sometimes we are offered a once in a lifetime experience that we should take advantage of and not turn down. My trip to Mendoza, Argentina was one of those rare opportunities I could not decline.

Arriving in Mendoza

As Malbec World Day is upon us—April 17, 2017—it was a little more than three years ago that I landed in Argentina. Today, as I ponder the days I spent in Mendoza, I am grateful to all who made the journey possible.

I remember thinking at the time that it might be dangerous for a woman to travel alone to South America. After landing in Mendoza, I questioned my decision as a beat-up old car transported me to Terrazas de Los Andes. However, the moment I passed through the gates of this idyllic oasis in Luján de Cuyo I knew all would be okay.

The trip could not have been made possible without Uncorking Argentina. Through them, I discovered a small group of women in Argentina. This five-day adventure left me with the confidence to continue visiting Argentina on my own.

The people are wonderfully gracious, the wines—especially Malbec—are incredible, and the experiences will remain close to my heart.

Horseback Ride in the Andes of Argentina

I love reminiscing about my horseback ride through the Andes. It is something I would never do at home, yet it ended up being the highlight of my trip. Having been an avid rider at camp as a teenager, all the nuances of riding came back to me immediately.

While my cohorts in this adventure were inexperienced and hesitant, preferring to remain at a slow pace, I wanted to let the horse trot or gallop, as they so love to do.

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This is an excerpt from an article on Mendoza I wrote for Wander with Wonder.