Rosé Wine 2020: Seven Must Try Rosés

Last updated on June 24, 2023

Rosé Wine 2020
For me, when I think of the best summer wine, I think of Rosé because it makes an enjoyable and refreshing summer fare. Discovering the intricacies of Rosé, one finds diversity, whether it is the varieties that make up the wine or if the grapes are grown specifically for Rosé or utilize the Saignée method of bleeding off some of the red wine following some contact with the skin. Either way, one finds some exciting wine with subtle nuances. Here are some Rosé Wine 2020 suggestions to help fill out your summer drinking.

It is not only the wine that lies within the bottle, but Rosé seems to be characterized these days by its bottles. Some remind me of perfume bottles, while others have wonderful designs on them. Wineries are becoming more creative with shapes and designs, which can be very appealing for those purchasing the wine.

Rosé Wine 2020 – Oak Farm Vineyards

This Oak Farm Vineyards 2019 Rosé combines Sangiovese & Barbera, so in this case, it is the varietals that make this wine stand out. At the same time, the wine incorporates the Saignée Method of bleeding off the grapes. The goal from this Lodi wine utilizing grapes from the Mokelumne River appellation is to produce a dry Italian style wine with lots of acidity and minerality. The wine is dry yet very fruity. One finds flavors of cherry, strawberry, and stone fruits, mostly peach.

Not only is the wine enticing, but the bottle with its floral image draws you to taste this wine. The Oak Farm bottle is adorned with an image of a single flower that drapes across the bottle. It is a lovely example of bottle art.

Oak Farm Vineyards Rose
Oak Farm Vineyards Rosé

Rosé Wine 2020 – Pasqua 11 Minutes – Rosé Trevenezie

The name of this wine describes the eleven minutes the skins stay in contact with the juice. This 2019 Pasqua wine is another example of using more unusual varieties to add character. The wine blends mostly Corvina with smaller portions of Trebbiano, Syrah, and Carmenere. The result is a wine is a pale pink colored wine that is refreshingly crisp and bright. With lots of acidity, the wine has stone fruit and citrus on the palate, with hints of spice on the finish.

Pasqua 11 Minutes Rose
Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé

Rosé Wine 2020 – Côté Mas Rosé Aurore 2019

The Côte Mas expresses the Pays d’Oc landscape both inside and outside of this bottle. The label, one of my favorites, with its colorful depiction of the area’s countryside. Although the vineyards are in Pays d’Oc, the distinct aromas of France’s Provence are on the nose, which includes the ocean mixed with lavender. I found a bright, fruity wine on the palate with some sweetness on the finish.

Côte Mas Rosé Aurore
Côte Mas Rosé Aurore

Rose Wine 2020 – Pink Flamingo “Catalina Estrada” 2019

Sable de Camargue is a Protected Geographical Indications PGI located along the Mediterranean coast of eastern Languedoc in Southern France. The wines carry the title IGP. The area is known for its gris wines (grey wines), typically from Grenache, Cinsault, and Carignan. The Camargue is the only area in France and one of a few along the Mediterranean where pink flamingos nest, hence why the PGI logo has a flamingo as part of the branding.  In addition, many of the wine labels feature pink flamingos.

The name of this Domaine Royal de Jarras wine is befitting of its label. The creative packaging, and wine bottle branding entices anyone to try the wine. A Columbia Illustrator based in Barcelona created the whimsical bottle that creates a flamingo story with Latin American Folklore. Anyone that loves flamingos must get their hands on these wines. Made from Grenache, this is a fun Rosé that displays mostly citrus flavors with nice minerality and salinity.

Pink Flamingo Catalina Estrada Gris de Gris Sable De Camargue
Pink Flamingo Catalina Estrada Gris de Gris Sable De Camargue

Rosé Wine 2020 – Château La Gordonne – La Chapelle Gordonne 2019

The Château La Gordonne La Chapelle Rosé combines Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Rolle to create a Côtes de Provence wine that emphasizes the freshness and elegance of Provence. I found cherry, raspberry, and strawberry on the nose. With lots of minerality, the wine’s bright balance exhibits flavors of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. The finish delivers a lovely sweetness that is atypical of wines from this area. This Rosé ferments partially in French oak casks.

Chateau La Gordonne La Chapelle Gordonne
Château La Gordonne La Chapelle Gordonne

Rosé Wine 2020 – Château La Gordonne -Vérité du Terroir Rosé 2019

Unlike the La Chapell Gordonne, Château La Gordonne Vérité du Terroir does not ferment in oak casks. This wine blends Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Tibouren. Another refreshing, balanced wine from the Provence region. This wine has notes of raspberry mixed with citrus, enhanced by a spicy finish. The wine delivers a moderate amount of acidity and minerality.

Chateau La Gordonne Verite du Terroir Rose
Château La Gordonne Vérité du Terroir Rosé

Rose Wine 2020 – Louis Pommery California – Brut Rosé NV

Taking the old-world traditions of their French Champagne house and bringing new life through the Louis Pommery project in California. Cellar master Thierry Gasco creates a new world Rosé Brut to this old-world dynasty that introduced Brut Champagne in 1874 under the tutelage of a woman, Madame Pommery, after her husband’s death. This sparkling wine is not overly bubbly. The subtleness of the bubbles gives way to a very drinkable wine that blends mostly Chardonnay with Pinot Noir. The Rosé Brut has a round finish and showcases red fruit.

Louis Pommery Rose Brut
Louis Pommery Rosé Brut

Note: Common to the wine industry, this writer received hosted wine samples. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure.