I Enabled My Saluki’s Midnight Rabbit Hunt — By Accident

Parker, a Saluki - Rabbit Hunt
It was time for the last walk of the evening. My husband was sprawled out on the bed, so I took on the midnight task of getting that last potty in. I strolled outside clad in my pajamas and a long heavy overcoat, thinking, “Let’s hope they do their business quickly as it’s freezing outside for this native California girl.” I spotted five rabbits scampering on the lawn. I thought I had a good grip on the leashes but soon discovered the leashes were twisted. As I unwound the leashes, Parker saw the rabbit before I could get a better grasp. Off he went with the leash trailing behind him. If I had been on the end of the lead, he would have been dragging me through the grass on his pursuit of the rabbit.  Thus began the midnight rabbit hunt.

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