Sample Policy

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Cori Solomon’s sample policy:

Cori Solomon graciously welcomes samples and promotional items related to wine, food, travel, and pets.

Please note that Cori’s primary focus in her writing is wine, travel, and dogs.

When tasting wines: Wine samples received are stored for several weeks to a month in a wine cellar that is temperature-controlled. This is to let the wine settle from any bottle shock the wine endured during shipping.

Cori typically opens the bottle and, depending on the grape varietal, lets the wine breathe for a period of time. If necessary, she will decant the wine. Most red wines are tasted over a two-day period so as to determine how they hold up over time.

Please note that the acceptance of samples does not guarantee a review, nor does it guarantee a positive review. I am never paid to review wine or products, and I do not accept payment for a favorable review.

Cori also accepts invitations to cover events, press trips, and hostings at vineyards, wineries, wine tasting, wine bars, trade events, travel destinations, restaurants, hotels, and pet-related events.  My attendance at a wine tasting event, seminar,  trade event, or any other invitation does not guarantee a review.

You can find Cori’s reviews, including reviews for other outlets, at Written

For those interested in sending samples and invitations, please email Cori.