Six sparkling wines to dazzle your Valentine’s Day

Chandon Etoile Rose
Sparkling wine and Valentine’s Day could be considered synonymous so what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your lover than by opening a bottle of sparkling wine. Bubbles can enhance the occasion and bring out the dazzle for you and your true love. With a variety of hues and bubbles sizes, here are six eclectic sparkling wines that are wonderful options to commemorate, share with your sweetheart thus making the day a memorable one.

Valentine's Day Sparkling Wine

Valentine’s Day Sparkling Wines:

Vignalta Brut Nature
Vignalta Brut Nature

Vignalta Brut: Utilizing a very different grape varietal makes this non-vintage Brut from the Italian region of Colli Euganei very special. The grape is known as Frigoearo in the Venetian dialect and Friularo everywhere else.  The varietal is actually a red grape that has very large clusters and produces a sparkling wine that does not have much sugar and is bone dry. Created in the Methode Champenoise, the wine is a Blanc Des Noirs with two years of aging on lees. The wine is exceptional for the price with its fragrant floral and fresh aromas. If you are looking for something different to share with your sweetie, this is definitely a sparkling wine to consider.

Ferrari Perle
Ferrari Perlé

Ferrari 2008 Perle: If you want elegance in your sparkling wine Perlé is the ideal wine for you and your lover. Long established as one of the first wineries in Italy to make sparkling wine, the lineage of this wine speaks for itself and the vineyards that lie on the slopes of the mountainous Trentodoc region. This Chardonnay based wine ages for 5 years on yeasts. With classic brioche aromas, one will fine flavors of citrus, pear, ginger and almond.

Sorelle Bronca Particella 68
Sorelle Bronca Particella 68

Sorelle Bronca Particella 68 Prosecco Superiore DOCG: Prosecco lovers will love this sparkling wine from the Valdobbiadene region of Treviso. Created from primarily Glera with a small percentage of Bianchetta and Perera, this is a very pleasant Prosecco with small persistent bubbles.   The aromas are very fruity and accented with florals. The flavors are citrus and almonds.

Chandon Etoile Brut
Chandon Etoile Brut

Chandon Étoile Brut: For those that are diehard Champagne lovers or perhaps traditionalists, Chandon’s Brut fills the bill. The Étoile series is their high end sparkling wine. The Brut combines Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from the Carneros region of Napa. This is a non-vintage combining the best lots from present and past vintages. The wine also ages for at least 5 years. This wine exudes spicy flavors of ginger mixed with hints of apple and exhibits a creamy texture.

Chandon Étoile Rosé: If you are looking for a very sophisticated sparkling wine you will find it in this Rosé. The composition is Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier aged for three years. This too is a non-vintage wine blended using the best lots from the past and present. One finds a luscious rose coral color that exemplifies love. The aromas are those of plum and raspberry. The flavors reflect the plum and raspberry but accented with apricot and vanilla. This is a bright sparkling wine that delivers elegance and sophistication.

Vignalta Fior d'Arancio
Vignalta Fior d’Arancio

Vignalta Fior d’Arancio 2015: This is a sparkling Orange Muscat from Colli Euganei, Italy. Fior d’Arancio means orange blossom and that is exactly what the bouquet delivers. This is a very light sweet yet refreshing wine that speaks of love. The flavors are those of orange peel and apricot.   It is perfect for a wedding so if you are thinking of proposing to the one you love on Valentine’s Day, this is the wine is a must. This is also a wonderful sparkler for those who prefer a slightly sweeter wine. It also makes an ideal dessert wine.

With love in the air, almost any one of these sparkling wines will bring some dazzle to your table and at the same time make your Valentine very happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!