Sixmilebridge Testimonial

Sixmilebridge Wine Tasting Room

I received this testimonial from Jim Moroney, the owner of Sixmilebridge Vineyards in the Peachy Canyon Corridor, Adelaida District AVA, Paso Robles.

A  big “thank you” for such a wonderful article on Sixmilebridge. 

I am not sure there is a storyline you didn’t touch upon or a nuance you missed. It is a remarkably complete painting of our winery, without a corner of the canvas left unbrushed. I can’t thank you enough for your investment of your time and your attention to the big things and the small details. 

Best Regards,
Jim Moroney

This testimonial represents what I am trying to accomplish by uniting my art background with my writing. This concept is accomplished by utilizing the palette both visually and verbally in many of my articles.

To Read The Article:

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