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From the vineyard to the winery, innovation to traditional style, Lisa Strid does it all as winemaker of Arizona Winery Aridus Wine Company in the Willcox AVA. She is the backbone of both the winery and custom crush facility. Her goal is to “usher the grape from vine to bottle.” Scott and Joan Dahmer purchased

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Arizona wine, like other areas of the southwest, goes back to the 1600s and Spanish missions.  Arizona’s documentation was sketchier compared to states like New Mexico, Texas, and California. When silver and gold prospectors came to Arizona and mining towns started booming, the demand for beer, spirits, and wine increased. This influx of people saw

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Lawrence Dunham Vineyards: Sharing the Arizona Winery experience

As Californians, we are spoiled by the selection of wine produced in our home state and often overlook some outstanding choices from other regions in the United States. Arizona is one of those states that has some excellent wineries specializing in the Rhone varietals due to terroir and climate. In 2014 a new regulation changed