Terenzi: A Family affair with Maremma and Morellino Di Scansano

View from the Terenzi to Scansano
The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” aptly fits the Terenzi winery. Beauty has been part of the Terenzi legacy for some time. It began with cosmetics and eventually turned into the beauty of the land the family owns near Scansano in Maremma. It is also the beauty of the grapes and the wines that are created from those grapes, most noteworthy, the Morellino Di Scansano.

Though the concentration is on winemaking, the Terenzi family also emphasizes the social beauty wine brings forth in people. Their property, in addition to the winery, features a boutique hotel and wine resort. The Wine Shop and tasting room reminds me of a cozy living room where people come together to share conversation over a glass of wine.

Terenzi Country Farmhouse
Terenzi Country Farmhouse with Guest suites
Terenzi Renovated Farmhouse
Terenzi Renovated Farmhouse houses several guest suites.

The Terenzi Family:

Although the winery is young, the history of the Terenzi family dates back to the Romans. In the 20th century, the family lived in Arcevia, a city in the Marche region. In 1954 Balbino Terenzi decided to move to Milan, where he opened a chain of gas stations.

Balbino’s son, Florio, chose to take a different career path and worked for Unipro, an association of several Italian companies involved with beauty, personal care, and cosmetics. Later he launched his own company Cosmoprof, which runs fairs for professionals in the cosmetic industry in Italy.

While on a business trip to Tokyo, he learned that in Japan, wine signifies Italy, and he wanted to be a part of that representation. Hence the idea of establishing a winery came to fruition. The winery began in 2001, and today, the estate consists of 60 hectares of vineyards and 14 hectares are olive groves.

Terenzi Family
Terenzi Family. Photo courtesy of Terenzi

Currently, Florio’s three children, Federico, Balbino, and Francesca, run the winery and estate. Federico handles sales and customer relations, while Balbino runs the administration and production. Finally, Francesca is responsible for running the wine resort and all hospitality.

The Wine Resort:

A warm and rustic atmosphere welcomes you to Terenzi. The resort consists of three charmingly renovated country farmhouses. The rooms are cozy and comfortable. My room featured a double bed and beamed wood ceilings. The accommodations include a pool with a panoramic view of the hills of Maremma.

Terenzi Guest Suite
Terenzi Guest Suite. Photo Courtesy of Terenzi
The pool at Terenzi
The pool at Terenzi. Photo Courtesy of Terenzi

The Tasting Room/Wine Shop:

Feel right at home as you sample the wines of Terenzi. The tasting room has an open floor plan reminiscent of many hillside homes in Hollywood Hills, especially those opening up a patio or veranda with a spectacular view.  As a result, Terenzi’s view encompasses the vineyards and magnificent landscape of the rolling hills of Maremma.

Terenzi Tasting Room
Terenzi Tasting Room. Photo Courtesy of Terenzi

Dining at Terenzi:

Our group was treated to a delicious Tuscan meal accompanied by the Terenzi wines. We were also served an inviting breakfast with an array of marvelous-looking pastries. Typically the kitchen is open daily for lunch, serving very traditional and local cuisine from the area.

Dining at Terenzi
Dining at Terenzi

The Winery:

The winery was built in 2004 and houses state-of-the-art technology. Terenzi’s first vintage was in 2007. The winery boasts of receiving the Gambero Rosso a Tre Bicchieri award the first year they released their Morellino di Scansano.

Everything about Terenzi is based on a youthful, modern approach while still maintaining some of the old-world traditions. As evidence of this concept, many red wines Terenzi produces mature in stainless steel tanks.

Terenzi Wine Cellar
Terenzi Wine Cellar. Photo Courtesy of Terenzi

The Wines:

During our dinner, we sampled most of the wines offered by Terenzi. The winery produces eight wines, five reds, two whites, and a Passito made from Petit Manseng. Terenzi’s product line includes Grappa, one from Viognier and the other from Morellino Di Scansano.

The Whites Wines:

Balbino Vermentino De Maremma Toscana Doc: A fresh wine displaying flavors of florals, citrus, and pear. This wine pays tribute to Balbino, Federico, Balbino, and Francesca’s grandfather.

Terenzi Montedonico and Balbino
Terenzi Montedonico and Balbino

Montedonico Bianco Da Uve Viognier: An unexpected surprise being this was the only Viognier sampled during my excursion. Montedonico means the place of the vineyards and an ideal name for an unusual varietal in Tuscany. The wine presented nice acidity and minerality with citrus, floral, and honey flavors.

The Reds Wines:

Terenzi Morellino Di Scansano: A fragrant and bright wine with flavors of cherry and hints of dried herbs. This wine ages in stainless steel.

Terenzi Morellino Di Scansano
Terenzi Morellino Di Scansano

Purosangue Morellino Di Scansano Riserva: Purosangue means a thoroughbred horse and the perfect name for this special wine representing the best Morellino Di Scansano from Terenzi. Perhaps it also signifies the Morelli, the dark-colored horses of Maremma, as the wine’s hue is quite an intense shade.

Purosangue Morellino Di Scansano Riserva and Madrechiesa Morellino di Scansano Riserva
Purosangue Morellino Di Scansano Riserva and Madrechiesa Morellino di Scansano Riserva

Madrechiesa Morellino di Scansano Riserva: Madre Chiesa means mother church in Italian. Being this wine comes from an older vineyard of that name; it is more complex. The wine ages 12 months in Slovenian oak and another year in bottle. The aromas are dried herbs, which also accent the flavor.

Francesca Romana Maremma Toscana: Named after the sister, who runs hospitality, this wine is Terenzi’s version of Bordeaux Blend and combines Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is full-bodied with ripe fruit and a spicy finish.

Terenzi Reds
Terenzi Reds: Francesca Romana Maremma Toscana and Bramaluce Maremma Toscana

Bramaluce Maremma Toscana: For Terenzi, Bramaluce means a fantasy connected to life and shows the family’s creativity and prowess in making wine. The wine, a blend of Sangiovese and Syrah, is rich, round, and fruity. This wine ages for six months in stainless steel tanks.

Terenzi’s beauty comes in many shapes, including family traditions, winemaking, and its location.  The family may be young to the wine business, but through its determination and the beauty of the wines produced, there will be a legacy for generations to come.

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