The Baker’s Table: The Place to Rise, Shine, and Break Bread

Break Bread The Baker's Table © Cori Solomon

When talking about passion and the art of bread making, Amy Dixon has it all. Walking into The Baker’s Table, the artisan bakery and cafe in Santa Ynez, you are welcomed by the pleasant aromas of homemade bread drifting throughout the dining area. Those were my words for describing the café in 2013. Today you will find the best place to break bread with a French flair and the best bakery in Santa Ynez. The restaurant has blossomed and expanded, but the aromas of bread and pastries still permeate the room and add to the ambiance.

The Baker’s Table has been open for about nine to ten years due to its tremendous following of locals and regulars. The bakery’s success comes via word of mouth. The Café’s popularity and the support of locals kept the Café going during the pandemic.

Break Bread at The Baker's Table @ Cori Solomon
Break Bread at The Baker’s Table

Amy Dixon: The Baker’s Table Owner

Amy trained at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, and her strength in the culinary department is bread and pastry. Taking a hiatus after graduating to raise her daughter, Amy opted to do private catering or create desserts for other restaurants. Her dream was always to have her own Café. When her daughter started high school, it was time to make that vision come to fruition. As fate has it, this event coincided with the opening of The Baker’s Table.

Amy Dixon Owner The Baker's Table @ Cori Solomon
Amy Dixon Owner The Baker’s Table

Break Bread

The Pain au Levain bread, Dixon’s favorite, is baked fresh from Tuesday to Saturday. This bread is created by utilizing the rustic sourdough process that is long and natural and produces lovely round loaves that exude a mild sourdough flavor. The pastries are fresh daily and vary with the season.

Break Bread Pain au Levain Tenley Fohl Photography_The Baker's Table
Break Bread with Pain au Levain. Photo Courtesy Tenley Fohl Photography

The Baker’s Table Lunch

Open for breakfast and lunch only, The Baker’s Table has an inviting menu of fresh local fare. On a daily basis, the luncheon menu includes a selection of sandwiches served on Pain au Levain bread and a small assortment of salads and tartines. On any given day, there might be a quiche of the day, a unique sandwich, or an inviting salad made from the local farm’s fresh find of the day. One of the popular sandwiches is the Tuna Melt.

The Baker's Table Tuna Melt @ Cori Solomon
The Baker’s Table Tuna Melt

Amy takes advantage of the fruit in season as you will find some delicious pastries or chutneys accompanying a sandwich. With the heat turned up this summer, you might even enjoy a cold cucumber soup; an item I would guess is going to frequent The Baker’s Table’s specials menu for the next several months.

Breakfast at The Baker’s Table

Daily breakfast options include Two Eggs on Toast served with their famous Pain au Levain and a choice of butter, artichoke tapenade, or avocado and served with applewood smoked bacon. Another option is the Croissant Sandwich, a handmade croissant filled with two scrambled eggs and sharp cheddar cheese and served with applewood smoked bacon. You can even find homemade granola or a smoked salmon plate.

Saturday, the brunch special sounds absolutely yummy. The Brioche French Toast consists of vanilla and nutmeg-soaked brioche topped with fruit and maple syrup.

Break Bread with Desserts at The Baker’s Table

Besides her love of baking sourdough bread, Dixon’s favorite dessert to bake is her chocolate cake with Mascarpone and strawberries. The desserts look scrumptious, and anyone’s need for a delectable delight. Even the coconut macaroon cookie has the added touch of citrus and cranberry.

Pastries and CrossantsTenley Fohl Photography_The Baker's Table
Pastries and Crossants. Photo Courtesy Tenley Fohl Photography

Lunching At The Best Bakery in Santa Ynez

My visit to The Baker’s Table was for a late lunch. I opted for Cobb Salad, a bed of farm-fresh greens, applewood bacon, roasted chicken, egg, bleu cheese, and avocado topped with Sherry vinaigrette. Due to allergies, I left the cheese off. What made the salad so fantastic was the vinaigrette and fresh organic greens.

The Baker's Table Cobb Salad @ Cori Solomon
TThe Baker’s Table Cobb Salad

Donating Leftovers And Helping Others

As each day ends at The Baker’s Table, Amy donates all leftovers to one of two charities. One is People Helping People. This organization is dedicated to improving people’s lives in the Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos, and immediate environs by supplying emergency and short-term social and support services to those in need. The other is the Bethania Lutheran Church.

The Baker’s Table is the perfect place to break bread, indulge your sweet tooth, or grab a tasty breakfast or savory lunch.

The Baker’s Table
3563 Numancia St.
Santa Ynez, California 93460
Open Tuesday – Saturday 7:30 am – 2:30 pm, and Sunday 7:30 am – 12:30 pm