ThunderWunders: Helping the Dog with Separation Anxiety

ThunderWunders - Dog with Separation Anxiety
As many know, I rarely write about a pet product unless I feel my dog might receive a benefit. I do not frivolously try products. Knowing I was going to leave Ami, a dog with separation anxiety, alone for a week, I decided to try some calming products from ThunderWorks®.

Ami’s A Dog with  Separation Anxiety

Ami is a rescue who had been left alone after his owner had medical problems. When he came to live with us, he quickly attached to his buddy Chloe over our other two dogs, Zoe and Lexi. Since that time, Zoe and Lexi have gone to the Rainbow bridge, but Chloe has remained his best friend. Ami is very attached to his bedmates, which includes my husband, Ken, and myself. You can only imagine our King size bed with Ken, and I separated by two sprawled-out Salukis.

The problem arose when Chloe and I took a trip for a week to Illinois, and my husband went to work. Although my mother lives with us and my cleaning lady works at our home several times a week, it did not solve the problem of his bed partners’ absence.

At first, we tried ThunderEase Calming Collar, but after one day, it did not solve the problem. Ami was a mess. We then tried ThunderWunders Calming Chews, and we began to notice a difference. He still needed someone present, but Ami did not need to follow everyone around or keep running to the window every time a car passed by our house. His stress diminished, and he seemed able to handle being alone if someone was in the house beside his bed buddies.

Since I was not present to observe Ami’s behavior, here are the comments from those taking care of Ami.

Ken Bornstein: Ami is a dog with separation anxiety. Nothing we could do would ease his anguish. It was not until we found out about ThunderWunders and its claim to reduce separation anxiety in dogs. Once Ami ate the treat, within minutes, he calmed down and became much less agitated. After receiving a treat, Ami sat on the couch and took a nap each time. On several more occasions after Ami received ThunderWunders, the result was the same. Ami went from being a nerve-wracked dog to a calm, sedate one. In short, ThunderWunders works.

Mary Ann O’Connor, our dog sitter: Ami is a calm, beautiful boy and loves to sit half on my lap and bask in affection. However, throughout the day of and after his “mom” and sister Chloe left home on a trip, Ami was inconsolable. He paced about the house, unable to settle, ran upstairs and down, hoping they would show, and with head held high, called out for them with that characteristic Saluki howl. It took only one “calming chew” to see an immediate change. I was greeted at the door with a nose-nudge welcome and a wagging tail. He sat with me at length, relaxed and content; all the anxiety gone for the remainder of his dear one’s absence.

ThunderWunders Calming Chews
ThunderWunders Calming Chews

About ThunderWunders

ThunderWunders chews contain Melatonin, Ginger, Thiamin and L-Tryptophan in addition to Chamomile and Passion Flower. Besides separation anxiety, the chews assist dogs who have issues with thunder or fireworks, travel, and grooming.

Based on my family’s experience with ThunderWunders, I highly recommend this product for a dog with separation anxiety. If these calming chews worked as well as they did for Ami’s issues, I am confident it works with other issues that a dog may have that causes anxiety and stress.

Note: Common to the industry, this writer received hosted samples, but it has not influenced this review.