New Mexico: Visiting the Land of Enchantment

Museum Hill Santa Fe New Mexico
They call New Mexico the Land of the Enchantment because you will become enraptured with its culture, architecture, scenery, and cuisine. The state offers a wide variety of options for the traveler. Whether you ski in Taos, visit the numerous National Monuments, Indian ruins, pueblos, or spend time in Old Town Albuquerque or Santa Fe, there is always something interesting to see and do.

There is something very peaceful and spiritual about the landscape as one observes the rock formations driving from Arizona to New Mexico towards Albuquerque. It is as if New Mexico’s past echoes through its canyons or along the Rio Grande River. The southwestern vibrations immediately engulf your presence.

One can travel along the Turquoise Trail, a scenic route along Highway 14 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, visiting small towns such as Madrid, a town that takes you back to the 70s when artists and craftspeople brought this ghost town back to life. Historic Route 66 traverses’ parts of state, and one can get a glimpse of days gone by as they follow its path. Finally, one can taste wine from the vineyards that make up New Mexico’s budding wine industry.

This excerpt comes from an article published last October in Food Wine Travel Magazine. The article shares things to do in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

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