Alma Sol Winery Tasting Room © Cori Solomon

Alma Sol Winery: Defining Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

The sun is essential for growing grapes, and it is the soul of the winemaker’s passion that creates the fine wine from those grapes. Naming their winery, Alma Sol, John, and Lisa Shaw’s interpretation of the meaning comes through with each sip of their wine. This attribute is especially true with their perception of Paso

Aging Wine with L'Ecole Perigee © Cori Solomon

L’Ecole Perigee: Best Practices for Aging Wine

When it comes to aging wine, not every wine is meant to be put away in the cellar. I have been surprised at some of the wines that I have aging in my locker. There are several ways to test to see the aging process and how a wine develops over time. Aging Wine I

Ascension Cellars Erick Allen with wines and Cafe Del Rey Chef and manager

Ascension Cellars: Wines that elevate your senses

For Erick Allen, the process of winemaking is about the blend. Starting Ascension Cellars in 2008 was about accentuating his blending forte of both the Rhone and Bordeaux varietals. It is Erick’s passion for this process that makes his wines truly exceptional. Erick’s success in winemaking comes from not only his blending prowess but also